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How to Cure Heartburn

Heartburn Cures

Heartburn Cures

It is often difficult to answer the question that much people have, how do you cure heartburn? In fact, there is no pill that can cure heartburn completely! There are only ways to temporarily sustain it and the relief of this ardent sensation in the throat and that called heartburn chest. The heartburn is caused by acid of the stomach that it pushes in the esophagus and also known like acid ebb tide, making a sensation a total malaise.

Excess of a million people suffer from this and in some cases women who never have had heartburn before in their lives will experience it during the pregnancy, well-known like heartburn of pregnancy. There is not really an answer to this question of how to cure heartburn if she has it long-term or short-term?

Sometimes eating the incorrect food causes heartburn generally. Foods such as sharp foods, acid foods, tomatoes, coffee, tails, tea, alcohol as well as the candies can cause heartburn. Smoking can also increase the risk of the heartburn.

Cure Heartburn Using Certain Foods

It is certainly the foods that we consume for centuries that has demonstrated to be great natural solutions to how to cure heartburn. Foods such as bananas have been used to calm heartburn and are the teas that are available in the market that can give some relieve. Some people prefer to drink hot water and others drink milk to alleviate this ardent pain.

The best way to avoid heartburn is to eat smaller meals through the day instead of to eating 3 big meals throughout the day. Although there is no absolute solution in how to cure the heartburn for life, we found that there are certain things that we can do to make experiencing it much easier and less painful.

In the end of the day, heartburn is a certain health problem that affects us all, and if we can take the necessary precautions beforehand, heartburn might one day be a thing of the past. We must be able to enjoy our foods but also to take the mind that everything is better in the moderation!

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Natural Cures for Excessive Burping

Excessive burping is a topic we’ve discussed before on and it’s one that many heartburn sufferers face. Much like heartburn itself, finding the right natural cure needs to involve both trying to identify the route cause and trying out some different cures to see what works best.

Posture is very important in determining how much air we swallow when we eat

Natural Cures for Excessive Burping

One tried and testing cure for excessive burping is changing posture. When we eat gravity plays a certain role in helping our food go down and squashing our stomach when we slouch or lying down on our sides to snack is a terrible idea for sufferers of excessive burping. Add to this the fact that you should chew each mouthful at least 10 times before swallowing, eat slowly and only talk when you have no food in your mouth (apart from being bad manners, it causes you to swallow air!). You basically want to provide a smooth and direct passage for your food, from your mouth, through the oesophagus and to the stomach. Sitting in odd positions, moving around too much, talking and laughing will disrupt that passage and will add air bubbles to the mix. Later on those air bubbles rise and form a burp, which is just what you don’t want.

Amongst hundreds of symptoms, excessive burping can be a sign of food intolerance. When the stomach is unable to digest a certain food type it tends to sit there, not being digested and instead almost fermenting; causing air bubbles to form and therefore bloating. Some people find this happens in the intestines, which can cause slightly more embarrassing flatulence, as well as nausea, abdominal pain, a change in mood, skin conditions and disrupted bowel movements amongst others. If you think you have a food intolerance then talk to your doctor about it, or order a home swab testing kit online.

Other possible causes of excessive burping include simply eating the wrong foods, like onions and spices, or drinking too many fizzy drinks. For more tips, add our Blog to your RSS feed to keep up to date with upcoming posts on excessive burping.


Charcoal as a Treatment for Excessive Burping

Many people overlook charcoal as a natural heartburn cure and treatment for excessive burping. It’s certainly quite an odd thing and we’re not going to rummage through a pre-lit barbeque to save a heartburn remedy for later!

Instead, charcoal for sufferers of excessive burping is sold in tablet form. They’re still black and chalky and will stain your clothes if you drop them, but they’re very easy to take with water and don’t taste of anything or repeat on you. They’re actually intended to treat excess gas in the stomach and digestive system, which makes them perfect for stopping the need to burp.

Charcoal tablets work to reduce excessive burping and flatulence by binding their molecules to those which cause the gas to be released by certain foods. This reduces indigestion and trapped wind cramps that we all suffer from every now and then too. Charcoal tends to bind to things easily within the gut, which is why charcoal is used to treat poisoning in A&E (the mixture is very different to charcoal tablets, however). It’s a very easily sought out remedy; sold in most health food stores, some supermarkets and certainly online. The tablets also keep for years when you store them in a cool, dry place and since they’re quite cheap this is one of the most economically viable natural heartburn cures and treatments for excessive burping.

If you’ve tried charcoal tablets as a treatment for your excess acid, wind or indigestion problems then please leave a comment and let us know if they helped or not. Our main aim here is to bring people’s attention to natural cures and help them decide whether they’ll work for them.

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Excessive Burping; a Pain in the Arsophagus

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re ever so slightly disgusted with the human body? A large majority of us are hiding something we’re embarrassed about when we walk down the street, whether it’s a tyre round the stomach, a birthmark or hair in the wrong place. Yet for some people bodily functions are something that can’t be hidden and excessive burping is one of the biggest offenders for heartburn sufferers.

Many people swallow air if they talk during meals, which in turn causes excessive burping

Many people swallow air if they talk during meals, which in turn causes excessive burping

Burping, belching (whatever you want to call it) quite often brings a huge sense of relief, but for heartburn sufferers excessive burping is very unwelcome. It occurs quite simply because of excess air in the stomach, yet the causes of this air can vary greatly. For example, people who don’t help along the natural posture of sitting up straight are inhibiting the natural process of gravity moving food through the digestive system. As a result, food catches air in the wrong places and this rises up, as a burp. Excessive burping is often found alongside heartburn because of a simple problem, but one which causes a lot of discomfort. It can be very embarrassing, particularly if you are in a quiet place or somewhere it may be frowned upon.

The great news for people who experience excess burping, whether it’s associated closely with a heartburn condition or not, is that once the cause has been identified it can be very easily treated. You may simply need to prop yourself up with a specially designed pillow at night, or avoid talking during meals. Alternative you could have a food intolerance that causes your stomach to produce excess acid and bloat up when the food goes undigested too. Visiting your doctor can prove very helpful if you think heartburn cures as simple as these ones could cure your excessive burping, yet these are also things you can try at home by yourself.

Keep reading this Blog for more information on excessive burping that’s coming soon.