There are so many natural cures for heartburn, old wives tales and urban legends that it’s no wonder some of them simply don’t work. If you’re a heartburn sufferer you’ll know the feeling of desperation you get, in anticipation of the quickest fix that will literally make you try anything. I know I’ve often tried a few heartburn natural cures in quick succession, only to find each one reacts with the other to make the pain and discomfort worse.

Unfortunately the only way to find natural heartburn relief is to be patient. Try each remedy on its own, but not all of them all at once or you’ll never learn what works. Quite often you can learn a lot about your own body and the exact cause of your heartburn from what different natural heartburn cures do. For example, if you drink ginger tea and it works wonders then chances are your actual stomach was unsettled. If, on the other hand, this makes your heartburn worse then you may have a lack of saliva coating your oesophagus, or your stomach is too full of harsh liquids.

Think twice before you go and try the vinegar cure, too. I’m sure for some people it does work but I learnt the hard way one night, fed up of annoying heartburn that I was dumbing down with antacids ever 20 minutes. Being impatient, I gulped down some apple cider vinegar and spent the next three hours in agony. Take my advice and be prepared if you’re desperate enough to try this one!

Also, remember that sometimes your instinct aren’t always right. I still consider drinking milk when I get mild heartburn, because it just seems to make sense, but I must’ve read countless times that it’s actually counteractive. Similarly, I always think strong peppermints might help but they always make it worse. The best thing to do is just wait it out, perhaps trying one new heartburn natural cure and using one that you know helps. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol, have fizzy drinks, juice, acidic or fried foods and eat in little portions until you get some relief. Natural Heartburn cures will work for you, it’s just a matter of figuring out which one you should be using for your unique case.