Reflexology, one of the most popular of all the alternative therapies, can apparently treat almost any illness. It uses massage techniques on the hands, feet and sometimes ears to pinpoint various areas of the body which might need soothing. This claim has led us to wonder whether it would work as a natural heartburn cure and how exactly you might go about doing it.

As a rule, reflexology is not recommended to be done by anyone who isn’t trained, but there are some sources that give basic guidelines and as long as you aren’t massaging too hard then it’s okay to try. Firstly, start off by getting yourself as relaxed as possible. This could be by having a bath, or doing some exercise beforehand. Whatever you do, be sure to soak your hands/feet (whichever you prefer to massage) before attempting this heartburn natural cure and use massage oil to make the process smoother and easier.

So, looking at this hand reflexology map and hovering our pointer over each area shows us that the stomach area is from under the thumb near the wrist on the right hand up to the middle of the palm. On the right hand it is much smaller and also under the thumb.
On the foot reflexology map the stomach area is shown on the sole
of the foot. On the left side it is in the center of the foot, spanning almost the whole length across. On the right ride it is halfway down the foot, on the inside arch and a much smaller area.

It doesn’t matter which side you start with, but it might be better to start massaging with the hand that you write with, so you have more control. Simply massage the area slowly and gently. If you feel an area that is ‘crunchy’ (for lack of a better description) then this is often an area that needs a bit of extra work. Spend about 1 minute in each area before giving the whole hand/foot an overall massage for another minute.

When you are finished performing reflexology as a natural heartburn cure, take a few minutes to ground yourself again. Maybe have a cup of tea or a glass of water and a walk around the garden.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will work as you are not a trained reflexologist. If you would like to try reflexology as a natural heartburn cure and want to do it properly then simply find your local reflexology clinic and book an appointment.