The BBC’s James Wong says it and so will I – there’s no reason why we can’t still use plants, herbs, roots, vegetables, leaves and flowers for medicinal purposes. Our ancestors did it hundreds of years ago and it’s only because of the convenience of man made medicines that our knowledge was lost. This is essentially what ‘natural’ cures are and there are plenty of natural cures for heartburn.

There is one thing to keep in mind when trying out cures for heartburn and that is that not all of them will work for you. Heartburn can have different causes, such as the oesophageal sphincter failing to close after you swallow, allowing stomach acid to spill back into the oesophagus, or a lack of saliva coating the oesophageal tube. As a result some natural heartburn cures can help immensely, while others could make the problem worse.

For some people, nettle, mint and peppermint tea used as natural cures for heartburn can be extremely beneficial. You can buy these in health food stores and even supermarkets, although be careful to check if they have added caffeine if you are sensitive. Some people find ginger tea to be good and this is especially true if your heartburn is accompanied by nausea.

A lot of people find that chewing on something relieves heartburn, yet constantly sucking boiled sweets is awful for the teeth and most chewing gums contain aspartame; a substance that causes all kinds of problems. The native Americans actually had heartburn natural cure before this problem even started and it came in the form of rhubarb. Why not try cutting up some fresh rhubarb into bite size pieces and sucking or chewing on a piece out of the fridge?

Visiting your local health food store and asking the staff there for natural heartburn cures should prove fruitful; they’re usually very well clued up on common complaints. Alternatively, keep checking back here for news and more natural cures for heartburn. We may even include some recipes for you to follow at home.