Right, let’s get stuck in to some of the best and least-known-about natural heartburn cures shall we?

Nettle and/or peppermint tea is a quick-fix for most heartburn sufferers

Natural Cures for Heartburn to Try Out

Firstly, one of the biggest offenders for heartburn is lifestyle. If you really want a heartburn natural cure, but you are a smoker, then stop. If you eat a lot of spicy and fried foods, stop. If you drink a lot of alcohol, stop. It’s as simple as that.

Others might find they follow an incredibly healthy lifestyle, but are still suffering from heartburn. If this is you and you’re not sure of the cause of your heartburn then I recommend you see your doctor. You may find out your symptoms are caused by the helicobacter pylori virus that resides in 50% of the population’s stomachs, yet only causes problems for 1 in 9 of them. Alternatively you might have a food intolerance, something which cutting out certain food groups, one at a time, can act as natural heartburn cures.

Introducing foods and cutting out others from your diet can help heartburn too. Spicy and acidic foods like hot curries or orange juice are common causes, whereas chewing on rhubarb, drinking nettle tea and eating a banana are all good natural cures for heartburn.

We’re all supposed to sit up straight while we eat and that’s especially true of those prone to acid indigestion or heartburn. You might find it gets worse as you’re trying to get to sleep and that’s because you’re lying down; the acid in your stomach has a better chance to come back up into the oesophagus. If this is the case investing in a nursing pillow and propping yourself up (comfortably) to sleep may help a lot.

These are just a few of the natural cures for heartburn that are out there, so add our blog to your RSS feed or reader for updates on how to cure heartburn without prescription drugs.