Finding a cure for heartburn has been a rising trend within the last 4 years and for good reason too. I think that the average American has experience heartburn within their lifetime. With so many people affected by this no wonder this is a need for a cure.

Heartburn is a very uncomfortable feeling and might come and go from time to time. If you only get it now and than, don’t worry about it because it really isn’t a big deal. The major problem is when it happens on a daily basis. Heartburn is created by stomach acid getting into the esophagus area and that acid physically burns it. If it happens too often, it will burn away your esophagus forever. You should treat it before it gets this bad. Here is a heartburn cure that will help prevent this in the future.

If you want to get past this, you need to learn to control you stomach acids. This is where the problem starts and where you need to prevent it from getting any worse. There is only so much physical space available in your stomach and as you add in food the acid levels will rise. If you had a really big meal this will cause acid to overflow in your stomach which could lead to it pouring into your esophagus. The way to prevent this from happening is eat more light portion meals throughout the day instead of the natural large three meals you eat. This in turn, will essentially help keep your stomach acid at moderate levels.

If you need an immediate cure then you need to get vinegar into your stomach. The natural enzymes will level out the acid in your stomach. You shouldn’t just go out and drink a glass of vinegar. You should consume vinegar based products like apple cider, ketchup, and salad dressing. This will help clear heartburn quickly. But remember you should focus on preventing it before it happens.