Excessive burping is a topic we’ve discussed before on HeartburnNaturalCure.com and it’s one that many heartburn sufferers face. Much like heartburn itself, finding the right natural cure needs to involve both trying to identify the route cause and trying out some different cures to see what works best.

Posture is very important in determining how much air we swallow when we eat

Natural Cures for Excessive Burping

One tried and testing cure for excessive burping is changing posture. When we eat gravity plays a certain role in helping our food go down and squashing our stomach when we slouch or lying down on our sides to snack is a terrible idea for sufferers of excessive burping. Add to this the fact that you should chew each mouthful at least 10 times before swallowing, eat slowly and only talk when you have no food in your mouth (apart from being bad manners, it causes you to swallow air!). You basically want to provide a smooth and direct passage for your food, from your mouth, through the oesophagus and to the stomach. Sitting in odd positions, moving around too much, talking and laughing will disrupt that passage and will add air bubbles to the mix. Later on those air bubbles rise and form a burp, which is just what you don’t want.

Amongst hundreds of symptoms, excessive burping can be a sign of food intolerance. When the stomach is unable to digest a certain food type it tends to sit there, not being digested and instead almost fermenting; causing air bubbles to form and therefore bloating. Some people find this happens in the intestines, which can cause slightly more embarrassing flatulence, as well as nausea, abdominal pain, a change in mood, skin conditions and disrupted bowel movements amongst others. If you think you have a food intolerance then talk to your doctor about it, or order a home swab testing kit online.

Other possible causes of excessive burping include simply eating the wrong foods, like onions and spices, or drinking too many fizzy drinks. For more tips, add our Blog to your RSS feed to keep up to date with upcoming posts on excessive burping.