Many people overlook charcoal as a natural heartburn cure and treatment for excessive burping. It’s certainly quite an odd thing and we’re not going to rummage through a pre-lit barbeque to save a heartburn remedy for later!

Instead, charcoal for sufferers of excessive burping is sold in tablet form. They’re still black and chalky and will stain your clothes if you drop them, but they’re very easy to take with water and don’t taste of anything or repeat on you. They’re actually intended to treat excess gas in the stomach and digestive system, which makes them perfect for stopping the need to burp.

Charcoal tablets work to reduce excessive burping and flatulence by binding their molecules to those which cause the gas to be released by certain foods. This reduces indigestion and trapped wind cramps that we all suffer from every now and then too. Charcoal tends to bind to things easily within the gut, which is why charcoal is used to treat poisoning in A&E (the mixture is very different to charcoal tablets, however). It’s a very easily sought out remedy; sold in most health food stores, some supermarkets and certainly online. The tablets also keep for years when you store them in a cool, dry place and since they’re quite cheap this is one of the most economically viable natural heartburn cures and treatments for excessive burping.

If you’ve tried charcoal tablets as a treatment for your excess acid, wind or indigestion problems then please leave a comment and let us know if they helped or not. Our main aim here is to bring people’s attention to natural cures and help them decide whether they’ll work for them.